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Great managers create 48% more profit than their average colleagues.

Yet 60% of managers lack the basic skills to conduct a performance appraisal with a staff member.

If you are an organisation, business or individual manager wanting to succeed, get ahead, resolve negative, draining people issues in your workplace here is where you can learn how.

Source:  Gallup



C-suite and business owners

What is your people and communication strategy? Develop the strong leadership communication skills that will enable you to lead from the front. 

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Human Resources

Upskill your staff with a powerful course on management communication. Don't leave essential staff conversations to chance. 

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Individual managers

Frustrated with people issues in your team? Want to learn and become known as a great manager to work for?  Join one of our public virtual courses.

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What people are saying

It has been brilliant working with Sue. She has credibility and impact. The Conversewell training we have received has a depth of intelligence and research which Sue is able to translate through to a tangible, usable and powerful model for delivery.

Shaun McConnell
HR Director

Brenda Kingswood
Course Participant

I can't recommend this course enough- it is excellent. Sue's knowledge and understanding of people management is absolutely brilliant. She gives sound, quality advice to manage and resolve difficult staff and staffing situations in a practical, easy to understand way. The course materials are very, very informative.  

I have found Sue’s knowledge and experience that she has gained from many years in her field has given me so much clarity and confidence. I really do feel that this will have an impact for the rest of my life as a business manager and a business owner.

Felicity Hoddinott
Business Owner

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